Simplified Thinking


Mobile Slinger: We find the apps that don’t exist, and create them.

Though it’s true that there is an app for almost everything, our creative team prides themselves on finding the apps that don’t yet exist. When you find yourself saying, “I wish there was an app for that!” or “I wish there was an app that worked like this!” our Sling Team goes to work. Our mission is to create innovative and user-friendly mobile apps that make your life a tad bit easier and a lot more fun.

At Mobile Slinger, we think of ourselves as partners with the mobile app community, and with you. We aim to create ingenious and useful solutions for the way you live. Simple user interfaces with the functionality and tools to make your life more efficient. Our development team looks at the world from a slightly different perspective, offering applications that are creatively ‘outside the box’.


Help us help you, and together, we can help others. 

We are a very young company, but we have a ton of ideas and plans for many exciting apps. Our goal is to grow Mobile Slinger into a recognizable and trusted brand, offering solutions that are for an easier life. 


You are a part of our Team.

Our creative team is a little insane and completely relentless. If you have ideas for apps you’d like us to develop, or suggestions on how to make our existing ones better, we always welcome your
comments and suggestions. Drop us a note and let us know your thoughts here.

Getting our little company off the ground will allow us to continue to provide you with unique solutions. If you enjoy our apps and share our vision, please tell your friends and help us spread the word. Let’s do this together.


The Mobile Slinger Team

“Slinging Great Apps Your Way”